City of Kelowna Park Maintenance with Royal Star


Kelowna City Parks require top notch landscaping. Royal Star Enterprises Inc. looks after the maintenance of several parks for the City of Kelowna.

Kelowna Parks offers great outdoor experiences for all ages, any day of the year. Swim and stroll on Kelowna beaches or hike along one of the many mountain or creek pathways.

From showcase waterfront parks to heritage sites, City of Kelowna parks are great for fun and relaxation outdoors, family or group outings, festivals and cultural events.

The linear parks system provides convenient access to natural spaces and provides trails for commuters, walkers, cyclists, in-line skaters, and even equestrians.

Natural Parks play an important role in protecting and conserving Kelowna's wetlands, ravines, hillsides and lands adjacent to creeks.

City of Kelowna Park Maintenance with Royal Star